Dunlaps’ Disease?

Lorraine writes: How can I get rid of the “double-boob” effect?

Lorraine, I’ve often referred to this problem as the ‘udder effect’ (when you seem to have rows of breasts) or a variation of ‘Dunlaps’s Disease’ (originally when a man’s belly ‘done (over)laps his belt). For those unfamiliar, or who know it when they see it, these photos illustrate the bulging problem where part of your breast swells above the cup line giving you two contours of breast which is especially noticeable under tight clothing like tee-shirts.

It’s a common problem for women, especially of the busty variety, and despite what drooling men may lead you to believe, it is unattractive.

The simple answer is you are not wearing the proper bra size. A properly fitting bra does not have that line cutting into your breasts. You need to increase the cup size so you don’t runneth over any more.

First try one cup size larger. If that’s not right, go up another cup size. So if you are a D, try a DD, then an E (of a DDD in some cases). If the DD is still not right, but the E too big, then go back to the DD — but increase the band size. So if you are wearing a 36D, try a 38DD.

This is going to take some time. And you are going to need to do this with all the makers and styles you try on. But it will be worth it to get a proper bust line and a comfortable fit.

Images from Big Bra Owners.

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