Why Do I Bother?

Clearly I’m an old bag according to Glam.com, not only in years but I’m mature enough to have moved past my celebrity dependence to create my own life. They seem to be a online version of Tiger Beat Magazine with ‘fashion’ as it’s (thin) glossy calling card. Why can’t they at least pretend to care about women who like fashion but are not tiny female children in maturity and physical form?

That said, every now & then I have to stop in there and see what’s new according to fantasy land. Maybe it’s a girl thing. Or maybe it’s a ‘know thy enemy’ thing. Maybe it’s just that I seek snarky fodder for my blog. Who can say?

Today seems to be of the type C variety.

I’m still surprised that Skinny Minnie is all the rage even though this current generation or ‘wave’ of young women is supposed to be media savvy and all about positive self esteem. But apparently healthy goes out the window for some.

More surprising is that in this poll, who has the best bikini bod? — who would have thought I’d vote for Uma? That Uma would be the most curvaceous of them all?!

The smartest? Yes.

The one I’d most like to meet (because I loved Kill Bill and she also wrote it). Yup.

The best actress? Sure.

But voluptuous? Who knew?

(Note that Uma currently only has 6% of the vote. I may passout.)

Since I’m not done with my snarky mood, will someone please explain the fascination with Dita? Don’t get me wrong, I love the look, but there are many other models who exude vintage bombshell. Dita’s not very pretty, in my opinion. (And I’m not alone.) I’ve also heard from people in the industry that she’s not very nice. Not just a ‘diva’ but downright mean and rude. Is her marriage really that important? Strike that dumb question; in the world of celeb stalking & wanna be fashion followers, I guess that is the main thing. Dita, you are dead to me.

Glam.com, you are likely next.

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