Why a Passion for Lingerie Fashion?

Find Out More About Tana Louise In it’s not all about fashion nyspender writes that fashion is “an unspoken message.”

Colors, fabrics, symbols… everything had a meaning, and a deeper significance. Fashion showcased membership to a social class, religious beliefs, even ownership.

But now she’s feared it has changed… She believes too many hide behind it or even speaks for us.

I love her last paragraph:

Remember to nurture the inside as much as the outside, so that if you’re stripped of your diamonds, you will still be able to spark. And if stripped of your heels, you will still be able to stand tall. And when stripped of all the logos, you will still cherish two initials above all others: your own.

I post this because many wonder why I ‘bother’ to spend so much time on a silly lingerie fashion blog — And because Michelle questioned since when did fashion ever make sense? She also asked, “Why do garter belts have those little satin flares over the hooks? Why do panties have bows?”

The larger question of fashion making sense is akin to what nyspender has noted: It’s a form of communication.

More Masuimi Max I’ve always deemed clothing to rather be a costume. You select what to wear based on your role, the part you are playing or hope to play. This is true when you dress for your job, be it a corporate costume or the uniform of a parent. But there is more room for fun in other costumes…

When you want to convey some more personal aspect of yourself — say ‘sophistication’, ‘intelligence’, ‘sex kitten’ or even a savvy sophisticated sex kitten — you select your outfit to give those clues. Your fashion, your style, says ‘come hither’ to those who are like minded as well as holds those not like minded (or in the mood) at arm’s length.

Fashion doesn’t only say things to others, but sends messages to yourself.

You are confirming your abilities, your mood, your values, etc. You are validating and acknowledging yourself with what you wear and even your permission to purchase. Those bows on the panties say “I’m female and I’m worth it” to you even as they say “feminine” to anyone else lucky to see them ;)

With fashion you are also touching yourself, though somewhat indirectly.

Fashions with their fabrics and their textures are caressing you throughout your day. Touch is a powerful thing. Even the gentle whisper of chiffon has a strong message to deliver. Those little satin bits on garters are there stroking your thigh all day long… What that says to you may differ, but to me they often say more than what a pretty bouquet of flowers can ;)

As for ‘why this lingerie blog?’ I’d have to say it’s because lingerie sends the most personal messages. (Of course, it’s based on my own preferences, messages, and delights — but that’s another post, right?)

Now, why are you hear reading?

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