Sexy & Pregnant

Sandra Mayo, who had just given birth to her second daughter, and her husband were walking through the mall one Sunday afternoon when they passed a lingerie store. Realizing pregnant women had very few choices in lingerie, Sandra took just 9 months to give birth to another baby: Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear.

The shop specializes in pretty and sexy lingerie for expecting moms.

Nothing short of genius, really, for “sexy maternity” is an oxymoron to most fashion houses.

Some of the styles are of the more practical variety, being not only lounge-y sets with bottoms for entertaining, but those which will fit after giving birth as well. All seem to be reasonably priced.

Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear is running a contest right now to win a “Babymooners Package” (valued at over $200) which contains the following:

* beautifully-sexy maternity lingerie/lounge wear by Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear

* a ProudBody Belly Cast Kit

* Belly Art Kit

* Tummy Tatts

* Butterflies & Hiccups: A Guided Pregnancy Journal for the Mom-to-Be

* Preggie Pops and Drops

* plus a Mini Mama Mio Kit (which contains one miniature Tummy Rub, one mini Boob Tube, a mini Wonder-full Balm, a mini Moisturizing Shower Cream, a mini Super-rich Body Cream and one mini Gravida Candle)

To enter the contest, visit this page and look for the peach ‘click to enter’ button (half-way down the page, on the right side).

Contest ends November 30, 2006.

Sandra’s lingerie is not going unnoticed.

She and her lingerie were at a Pre-MTV Awards and Fashion Bash where celeb mommies were quite excited to see the lingerie.

“Where were you when I was pregnant?” said Joely Fischer and others. Where indeed. Kudos to Sandra.

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