Paradigm Pushing Panties

Instead of getting your knickers in a knot, why not let your panties twist paradigms?

These panties which say “Father Fucker” on the behind are part of a musical movement by Peaches and promote her Fatherfucker album.

Peaches, aka Merrill Nisker, is the new leader in pussy power — even if she herself has the “biggest balls in popular music”.

Often appearing in panties, short-shorts, or other female attire (with fishnets and high heels), she’s all about gender bending and shifting paradigms visually and with her music.

Her music, labeled “Electroclash” has some wondering if via her shameless display of sex and sexuality she’s liberating and empowering, or just an excuse for not-so-interesting music. I must admit I am more than curious…

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