Don’t Be A Hoser: Slip of a Girl’s Guide To Hosiery

I prefer wearing stockings to any other hose. (And I am not the only one.)

Tights are stiff and icky. Pantyhose perhaps not nearly as bad, but it has that whole ‘panty’ which covers real panties. Then there are the issues of fit: Will the pantyhose crotch be were my crotch is? Will the waist run to my waist, or continue 2 inches more — or worse yet stop 2 inches shy of it?

Stockings feel wonderful on and are oodles more fun to put on as well (not to mention, they can remain on while you have sex). But don’t mistake stockings for thigh-highs.

Thigh-highs (sometimes called hold-ups) are hose which, like true stockings, stops at your thigh — but instead of girlie garters, thigh-highs stay up either with a bit of adhesive (silicone) and/or a stretch band (often of lace). I don’t know why anyone would skip the perfection of garters. But if you would, let me warn you…

I have tried thigh-highs, and perhaps it is just me, but I never felt that those little beads of silicone or the stretch lace bit would keep the stockings up. Since true stockings stop at a rather wide part of your thigh, I was convinced the laws of gravity would make the thigh-highs shrink down my leg (much like a busty chick wearing a tube top) and I wanted no part in that.

I felt compelled to check them, pull at them, and generally fuss over them to the extent that they became a pet-peeve of a distraction — gawd forbid I try to dance with them on. In my neurosis, I found that the thigh-highs did scoot down my leg a bit, but in my (constant) attempts to ‘fix’ them I had either stretched them and they became baggy, or I pushed my fingernails through the lacy tops — or both — and I had ruined them. I also purchased a larger size so I could place them (too) far up my thigh, but I had the same paranoia.

Spare yourself the agony. You can trust a garter to do the job that stretch and glue may or may not do. Wear stockings.

Stockings (especially vintage stockings) can have their issues with fit, if you aren’t honest in your height and weight measurements especially so.

But if you are honest about your size, once you find a maker and size you can be quite happy purchasing oodles of them. While the vintage nylons are often the best in feel and fit, don’t exclude modern makers like Secrets In Lace which makes plenty of stockings with all the right details, including pretty welts, RHT and seams.

Stockings are fun to put on, but they can also be fun to take off too:

For more help and stocking talk, check out Stockings HQ.

(If this isn’t sexy enough for you, see this babe fastening her stockings — for adults only.)

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