Stunning Suzanne Ramsey

I’m a sucker for black & white photography, especially if it has a film noir quality, so I was very drawn to this portrait by Jim Ferreira.

The pretty kitty in the photo is none other than Suzanne Ramsey, aka Kitten on the Keys.

I bought her CD, (It’s Not A) Pretty Princess Day, when I read this in a review:

The combination of tracks on Pretty Princess Day are at once self-deprecating & accusing; both feminist & pandering to female stereotypes; both silly & wise. It’s the seemingly impossible celebration of our collective decadence.

With all of this going on, it’s a wonder Suzanne hasn’t been arrested & incarcerated. “Completely uncalled for” would be the judgment. One imagines the only reason she hasn’t served time is a plea of temporary insanity due to PMS. That, or she had a female judge. One who completely understands what it’s like to be smart, passionate & female & realizes she, we, have already served our time.

At the time of my purchase, however, I had no idea what a cheeky vixen Suzanne was.

Check out this killer photo (also by Ferreira) of her smoking (you know how that works for me!)

I’m going to picture this when I listen to the CD later tonight — after Grey’s Anatomy, of course ;)

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