Silly Bra Memories

Posted by a proud father who encourages his girls to develop in non-academic areas along side there school work, this photo just cracks me up! A little girl becomes a human fly with the aid of her sister’s bra.

I don’t recall doing this, but I do remember my mom taking her bra out of the clean laundry basket and putting one cup on the dog’s head so she looked like a pilot (the dog, not my mom lol). It was so funny, my sister & I started singing “Up in the air, Junior Birdmen!” And every now and then we’d ask mom to do it again.

That was long before either my sister or I wore bras. But once, as an adult woman, I did this with our dog — a larger bra and a larger dog. However, he looked so sad I nearly cried rather than laughed and I haven’t done it since. But the image of the old family dog in my head still makes me laugh. ;)

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