And People Mock Me When I Tuck Bills In My Bra

In a bid to discourage people from using plastic bags while shopping, a Japanese lingerie company has created a bra made of recycled polyester with cup padding that doubles as a shopping bag (and the straps can be tied onto the bag as ribbons). In 2005, the same company, Triumph Lingerie, launched a bra which can be warmed in the microwave to cut indoor heating bills.

This new bra too is aimed at socially responsible consumers. Japan is one of the world’s biggest users of plastic shopping bags and these bras are designed to be eco-friendly. The No Plastic Bag Bra bears the message, “No more plastic bags!” and is accompanied by matching underwear.

You can watch the video at UK.Yahoo, where the article also notes two problems proving this to be yet another ‘prototype with possibilities’ — as in just because we can, doesn’t mean we should:

But there are a few creases that need to be ironed out first, like the fact it appears there’s not much room left in the bra for a larger chested woman. And the most pressing question, how does a lady elegantly remove her bra at a checkout.

So the first wrinkle means I will be spared from having to wear this bra (which I am certain must feel nasty — polyester? Eeeiiieeewww). The latter is a giant “DUH”.

Though the check out tag lines would be cool. Instead of dully asking “Paper or plastic?” clerks could now ask “Would you like a plastic bag or may I see your fun bags, please?”

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