Bigger Boobs Once a Month, Part Two

Continuing my reply from Part One:

Now for breast sensitivity and insensitive men…

With larger breasts swelling to even greater proportions, you can’t blame the guy for his impulses — but you can blame him for acting on them.

I’m going to assume you don’t flaunt your breasts during this time — if you are wearing tight tees and showing eye-popping cleavage during this time of the month you are to stop immediately.

I’m going to assume you’ve told him how the extra breast attention at this time of the month is less than desirable. And I’m going to imagine that you told him in just that sort of a way — a kind and gentle statement. And, you’ve told him in the heat of pain and anger. But I’m going to suggest that you tell him again — in a different way.

Pick a day when you are not at or near ‘full’ impact of hormones. Sit him down and give him the ‘we have to talk’ tone of voice. Tell him how you can understand his attraction to your bounty and that most of the time you love this attention but that there is a time when it pains you.

Remain calm when you tell him. Unless he’s the sort of guy who responds to tears (and then you ought to have cried when he touched them last month) or you look as beautiful as Izzy on Grey’s Anatomy, don’t cry. If memories of your sore breasts make you teary eyed, that’s OK, but don’t let him think you are on the rag and irrational. Men tend to dismiss any statements made from hormones and you need to let him know that he is the cause of your duress.

If he wears the dull glazed look of a man in unfamiliar or uncomfortable territory, you may need to snap him into attention. The best way is to use an example which he can not only easily identify with, but one that may be 3 steps beyond in the pain of your own experience (just to be safe). For example, compare his nipple tweak at this time of the month with you taking a spiked heel to his balls. If he likes that sort of a thing, then pick another example (someone keying his car maybe). But give him something graphic and memorable.

Should you have an overly sensitive male (and they do exist), you should be prepared for both his tears and his breast fears — you will need to take his hands and place them on your breasts to show him when it’s OK to touch them. (Not just now, but at many points in the future because the sensitive ones need help and permission.)

Overall, be sincere and direct. If he respects you, this will work; if he doesn’t, this is the least of your relationship problems. (Though I suppose you could duck tape mousetraps to the outside of your clothing to make a point with bite.)

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