Bigger Boobs Once a Month, Part One

From the old email inbox comes this question:

Slip, once a month my boobs get bigger and my bra doesn’t fit well anymore — any ideas on what to do about it? (And any suggestions on how to deal with my man at this time? He sees ‘bigger’ as ‘better’, but mine are awfully sore then too — I’m about ready to smack his grabby hands!)

Just call me “Busty & Cranky”

Well, I must also call you sister because I can so relate to this — I bet many women can — and cranky seems rude… So Sister Busty, here are my thoughts:

First of all, it bears repeating: You are not alone. Breast swelling and sensitivity are common experiences for women. Both are due to hormone changes, but even with the same cause you have different problems to solve.

First, the swelling.

Swelling is especially noticeable for women with a larger bust — more tissue to swell I guess. I can’t suggest anything to stop the swelling (other than a cold shower, which is only temporary). But I can suggest some bra help.

Many of us have several bras in our collection: Bras for everyday (beige, black and white which all work well under any tops and tees), bras for special occasions (converter bras, those with deep necklines, special colors, those with matching panties that are more ‘play wear than day wear’ etc), and then, like our ‘fat pants’ we have ‘fat bras’ (bras are for those not-so-swell days of swelling) which likely has both everyday bras and at least one special occasion bra.

However, many of us can avoid buying those ‘fat bras’ if we think ahead when purchasing our everyday bras.

Bras made of more stretchy fabric (such as cotton, cotton blends, those with lycra etc) allow for more room. Buying a few of these makes for your everyday bras being worn any day.

Also, avoid these things:

* lace edged cups — lovely to look at, I know, but lace doesn’t have as much give (and if you are sensitive, the lace can drive you insane!)

* demi cups — because ‘more’ spilling out or over isn’t ‘better’; it’s just a bad fit.

* black bras — because the dyeing process for black affects the material, making it stiffer.

This makes for less spectacular bras, I know, but better than spilling out or being uncomfortable stuffed in. There are a few decent bras that look and feel good too — try a search for “stretch bras” and “cotton bras” at Bigger Bras to see some options.

(Watch for Part Two!)

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