The Making of a Slip of a Girl, Part Two

Not long after I discovered full slips, I discovered half slips and silky nylon camisoles.

It was fall, we were back-to-school shopping, and mom deemed my full white slip inappropriate for the fall and winter fashions. We wandered the store racks & there I discovered that I could wear two pieces instead of the one. Once discovered, those were the only pieces I took into the dressing room with me.

The camisole was fascinating. It was made of heavenly nylon, had the delicate adjustable satin straps and pretty lace details of a full slip, but it presented more possibilities…

Since a dress without tights was not going to happen according to my mom, and a dress with tights wasn’t going to happen according to me, this was important. It meant that I didn’t have to wear those horrid tights in order to get my nylon fix in winter. Now I could just wear camisoles beneath my tops, my silky panties beneath my pants, and feel wonderful. Of course, there were a few difficulties — like getting my mom to let me wear my camisole ‘anytime’ I wanted.

Since slips and camisoles were for dress-up days, I really only had one of each. Only one white full slip, one beige half-slip and it’s matching beige camisole. And they were reserved for days I wore dresses. I couldn’t confess my secret love of lingerie to my mom. I don’t know why… Maybe I feared this would make me a ‘bad girl’ somehow. Or I was just shy about underthings; I really don’t know. But this meant I had to sneak the camisole on under my sweaters and tops.

This wasn’t easy as I shared a room with my sister. She didn’t have the same loves as I and as far as I could tell, she felt nothing for slips and the nylon panties I adored. She didn’t even love the feeling of the giant pink footprint rugs which we each had by our beds. (Hey, it was the 70’s!) I loved placing my feet on the fluffy foot each morning so much that I let my sister use the bathroom first while I sat enjoying running my toes over & over it.

My sister didn’t share my rug-love, so I needed to hide my camisole wearing from her too. This meant that while she was in the bathroom instead of running my toes over the sweet pink rug I would rush to get the camisole on and be dressed by the time she returned. It was a bitter-sweet trade. And one that needed to be repeated at night as well.

That was one problem solved. Now for another.

As moms do, she figured out that something was going on & she started eyeing me a bit suspiciously… Likely it was the fact that the camisole would eventually find its way into the laundry even though I hadn’t worn a dress in quite awhile. She didn’t say anything, but the eyebrow raise when she returned it to my room made it clear: either I was wearing it ‘for no reason’ or my room really needed cleaning. This was one case where I was happy to encourage her concerns for the latter. ;)

But I had been warned (and my sister didn’t like hearing the ‘clean your room’ lecture either) so much thought now had to go into the decision to wear a camisole. How often could I wear it before it would need to appear in the laundry again? I had to be more cautious with when and how often I wore by beloved secret.

That was how I spent that first fall and winter I discovered camisoles, hiding my thrills from everyone.

Then spring came… To be continued…

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