Jordan On Being a Boob

In a statement she made to ‘Now’ Magazine, British model Jordan stated that bigger breasts make her feel more ‘womanly’ than ever and she can’t understand why women not so generously endowed by nature would actually choose to remain so.

Memo to Jordan: Breast size has nothing to do with a woman’s value unless she falls for that shit. And as a woman with naturally large breasts, I wonder what the hell is wrong with you.

Jordan has had three boob jobs and claims each time she left she was disappointed of the size of her breasts. She told the reporter that, a few days after the operation, when the swelling went down, she realized that she actually wanted them bigger than that.

(Repeat memo.)

That was in July of this year, but in October, she told Now that she wants fourth surgery — this time to reduce them as she fears for problems breast feeding.

However as the close of the article indicates she has vanity & self-identity issues:

“They’re saggy,” she moans. “I used to love them, but now I don’t need them anymore. I’m always in with Peter, so I don’t need to show them off now.”

Jordan, who now wishes to be known as Katie Price, clearly has some issues.

How is she going to show off her new self-named lingerie line, Katie Price, if she doesn’t show off her rack? (I guess she won’t appear in Playboy Lingerie Issues anymore either?)

Though I must admit, I’d like to see Katie Price and Paris Hilton in a breast size debate. I imagine it would rather look like the Zoolander walk-off — with the final test being a bra trick as the panties would be an issue — it’s the ultimate celeb-smack-down, the UK vs the US, the battle of the boobs. Literally.

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