Catching Up

I’ve been getting lots of emails lately. Seems there’s some sense of shyness with leaving comments — I hope it’s not contagious!

There were quite a few questions — mostly regarding bras, and I will post the Q & A later on — but I wanted to share a few more personal notes…

First, a huge Happy Birthday to Michelle! Over the weekend she celebrated “a big number” but as we are ladies, and many of us do not age past 29, I’ll never tell the true number ;)

Also, Jeremy wrote a cute note:

Hi, Slip! I agree that panties that can be undone by means of a big bow at the back are a sexy idea (even though the example you have up disappointed you). If you succeed in finding additional examples, I hope you’ll post them. It would help if the model didn’t look so bored, wouldn’t it?

As for wiggle dresses–any dress can be a wiggle dress, under the right circumstances. (Am I right?)

And before I could reply, he sent this:

Oops–I didn’t mean “post them,” I meant “put them up in your blog.”
No need to mail them to me personally. I’ll find ’em. : )

Yes, Jeremy, if I find such panties, I will certainly share them. (If I don’t find them it’s more fuel for me designing lingerie, right?)

As for the wiggle dresses, I see your point. ;) But I must also note that you must not have ever had the pleasure of seeing a woman walk towards (or away from) you wearing a real wiggle dress. If you had, you’d know there is a delightful difference. I hope you have such an experience soon!

(Photo from Leg Show.)

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