An Erotic Latex Fetish Story by Tobly McSmith

An excerpt of an erotic story which includes the glories of the rituals of dressing, 5 – 16:

The two stepped away as another slave approached her with a fabric that I had never seen before. It was an electric blue that shined like it was wet and slippery. My hand was losing blood and my fingers began to go numb making the tray lightly tremble. A slave was busy readying the clothing at her feet. Through my mirror I could see my face, and the slave encircling her, and herself. She had created this beautiful scene. Her slaves gathered around her, a servant on bended knee with a glass of champagne. She is disrobed, a moisturizing of her wondrous body, and then a ritualistically beautiful dressing of that body. It was a wonderfully visual experience for anyone who was lucky enough to be there to witness it. It was a larger than life moment that somehow made life larger. It was theatrical and beautiful. It was surreal and captivating.

When the garment was laid out perfectly she stepped into the middle and her slave began slowly inching up the tight blue pants. The fabric was almost suctioning to her skin, breathing her into it. It was almost hypnotic to watch the process. Her slave was being extremely careful to not tear the material, while being attentive to her shape. The material had a distinctive glossiness and tight grip that brought the body together and made lines that resembled the rawness of being completely naked while being fully clothed. I instantly wanted to touch her. I wanted to rub my hands up and down her hips and thighs and legs. The material resembled soft, slippery skin. I longed to press my body against her and feel the cold, rubber against me. I wanted to lick her calf and up her thighs.

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