(Too) Cheeky Knickers

I’m not a fan of this corset knicker — seems much too cheeky to have that much exposed.

Perhaps if it were to draw more closed, exposing a hint at the top — like directions of what to do — I would be smitten.

I rather like the idea of panties which involve some manner of removal other than a tug.

I do like this pantie with the bow — at least until a closer inspection indicates it too has that large opening in the back.

If the bow, large and silky, were to expose my behind once pulled… If the bow were really the way the panties were put on… If I had the pleasure of tying myself up snuggly and then coyly asking him to tie me up… Ahh, now that would be a playful pair of panties indeed!

Damaris seems to be selling very well, with nearly all this season’s styles sold out. It’s merely a matter of days until the cheeky knickers will be gone too.

I’m off to look about for panties with a huge silky bow on the behind — one that tempts him to slowly pull and let the panties unwind…

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