The Magic of Illusion Lace

Made by Hollywood Vassarette, this particular slip is made of sensuous silky nylon and has wonderful features: demi cup supports, woven ribbon straps & trim, and — glory be! — an illusion lace shelf bust.

For those not familiar with illusion lace, it is one of the most fabu-lush fashion inventions.

The beautiful lace is placed over a panel of white or flesh-toned fabric, as you can see in this photo of the inside of this spectacular slip.

(Note, the black insets are the demi cup supports and that they are not easily seen from the front of the slip either — this light fabric does hide those areolas!)

This lining is what allows for “the illusion” of nudity beneath the lace.

You might wonder how the illusion can be better than the real thing. Well, it comes down to, in a word, areolas.

Yes folks, an areola — or a pair of them — can wreak havoc with lace. Large or small, pink, tan or dark cocoa brown, areolas actually compete with or diminish the patterns of the fine lace. So a backing beneath the lace gives the lace uninterrupted play. (Of course this means it is now up to the viewer to work to get a glimpse of nipple *wink*)

In the 50’s and 60’s wonderful cocktail dresses, often form-fitting ones called wiggle dresses, were also made with illusion lace too. Heavenly. And practical, for such lace hides bra and slip straps. ;)

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