More Than You Likely Wanted To Know About Jordan

Jordan, aka Katie Price, has just signed a deal with Panache lingerie company to be not only the face and chest of the new line of bras for big-breasted women, but a designer as well.

The new Panache bras will be in cup sizes from D to a G and based on the sweets & snacks Jordan loves so — well, at least the colors of marshmallows, jelly beans and popcorn.

Jordan in Pink Lingerie for Young Attitude Jordan is an English glamour model and television star “famous for being famous” much like the Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton. Her multiple breast augmentations, flamboyant lifestyle and personal life are regular tabloid fodder for the Brits.

Jordan is shown here in a pretty pink bra from her 2005 campaign with Young Attitude lingerie (the tutu was part of her wedding ensemble).

In 2005 she told The Sun about another boob job:

“I want to get them done because I want them to be more pert. Just because I’ve had implants doesn’t mean they stay perky forever. I’ve had two kids and gravity still has an effect.”

For the Panache deal, Jordan had to have her breasts professionally measured and was very surprised to see that her boobs are actually larger than she thought:

“I’ve been wearing a 32DD but I’m actually a 30G. I know I’ve got big boobs but I never realized they were THAT big. It just shows you how a good-fitting bra makes all the difference – and I didn’t even need to get another boob job! Now, I’ve got support and I look and feel great.”

I’m a bit confused by that statement for her breasts have been surgically created… Didn’t she & the doc discuss size during any of the operations?

In September of this year Jordan pulled a Lindsay Lohan and was photographed going commando. (If you click the photo, you’ll see the non-censored photo).

Aside from being rather class-less (didn’t anyone teach her how to sit properly in a dress?) the photo shows Jordan is a completely shaved lingerie model with a tat. This makes me wonder how that tat healed what with the itchy/scratchy of the hair growing back…

However, the photo tells us why Jordan gets all the bra deals — it isn’t just her giant G cups, but her avoidance of panties.

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