Master May I?

Gracie at SK shares her tips on How To Use Erotica:

This tip or game is called “Master Says”:

Read to your partner and see how long she can go without touching herself ~ in any way. She is not allowed to rub her legs together, tweak her own nipples, or even use her own mouth (lick lips, bite lower lip etc) without your permission. In order to do so, she must ask “Master, may I?” and you can decide if and when she may have the release she seeks.

I dare say if I was wearing one of my favorite vintage nylon gowns while he read I would be fit to be tied! Between the pleasure of nylon sliding across my own skin and his words flowing into my ears, telling & describing such naughty acts, I’d be in both heaven & hell — and love every minute of it — begging “Master May I?”

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