The Making of a Slip of a Girl, Part One

Early on I had a love of nice (aka non-cotton) lingerie.

My mother remembers trying to find little girl panties in satins & nylon because I eschewed cotton panties. Pretty panties as I called them (and still do) were not easy for mom to find. But try she did. We’ve discussed this more than a few times since I’ve grown — mothers comparing notes on the running they do for children ;) But neither of us knows or remembers how I discovered panties that were not made of cotton.

Our best guess is a pair of rhumba panties purchased for some holiday dress that I must have remembered fondly. I imagine that this must have been for Easter or being a summer baby, my birthday, as both of these occasions would warrent little Slip of a Girl to wear a dress, yet forgo the dreaded tights, leaving me to have the full experience of panty pleasure.

I disliked hose for a number of years because little girls suffer with tights — a horrid mixture of scratchy, clingy, heavy opaque knit that, at least for me, always left a space between the hose crotch and my own crotch. Ick. I hated hose so much, I soon disliked dresses. That is until I grew up a bit and discovered heaven: slips.

Here were these neat silky dresses you put on before you put on your dress. Slips were oodles of the cool slippery nylon I loved with lots of lace and dainty adjustable straps — I often lamented why we had to cover them up. But this was short lived, for once I slipped this bit of nylon heaven over my head and it lay next to my skin that happiness put an end to any worry of covering it up. I had my senses filled with the delightful textures and the knowledge that I wore such a special garment.

I still disliked hose then for even at this age young ladies wore the dreaded tights. I cursed the winter days which made them mandatory and prevented the slip from laying next to my skin. I hated tights so much I would even forgo wearing dresses — even at holiday time.

But in Spring & Summer, no tights were required and wearing a dress meant nothing stood between me and my nylon heaven.

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