Bras In Film

Remember how males everywhere were stunned to see Jennifer Beals remove her bra in Flashdance?

Some still must watch it. Others argue that it can’t be done — but as Bucky Four-Eyes shows, we all know how to do it.

I remember wondering what the big deal was — why did men find this so awesome and scintillating? Why did they find this so sexy when we ‘invented’ the maneuver just to keep our privates private when males where around (or to avoid the probing eyes of that nasty gym teacher — more on that at a later date). And we can put bras on that way too.

(Younger pups may have to recall Jennifer Aniston in Friends.)

My point is, we women rarely have a chance to learn anything regarding lingerie from movies. Maybe how naive men are, and perhaps how to use that weakness to our own benefit, but we don’t learn any real trick regarding lingerie.

Now we can learn how cool spy chicks put on their bras, courtesy of Holly Valance, in her latest film, Dead or Alive.

I personally don’t think I’ll try this at home. With DD’s it’s more likely one of my girls will snap the guy aside than the towel. ;) But it’s excellent to watch.

Hey, if we could all do this, we may not need that Beals’ trick after all.

All of this brings us to bras in mainstream movies — a list of bras spotted in film, but without photos. :(

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