Bra & Panty Death in Horror Films

In horror movies the girl in her bra & panties is always killed — she’s like the guy in the red uniform on Star Trek for heaven’s sake!

Based on this, I believe the best way to survive deranged murderers, zombies, and the like is to wear elegant lingerie, such as gowns. (Except maybe vampires…) So I asked a few others for thoughts on this theme…

Angela St. Lawrence: It pisses me off, but it is nonetheless true. Tomboys too! And they can be darn cute in their bibs and sneakers. Men are suckers for any kind of lingerie, which can cause them to be absolutely lizardly. Girls in the naughtier items–bras, panties, garters, stockings–must be punished (don’t ya know?) for causing this reaction in men. Gowns, on the other hand, present feminine allure, but feminine allure that also says “Hands off, Buster. I’m a Lady.” (don’t ya know?) So he will do anything for her, this lady, this elegant vision just to see her lingerie under the gown. Which means were back to lizardly behavior again. And so in the next movie, this “lady” must then die.

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc: Oh sure, why not? Unless they are deader than dead then they should stop to ogle the babe in the nighty. However, just in case they have learned the “no emotions” approach to killing, the woman should be armed with a chainsaw, pick axe or at the very least a nice, sharp, chop your head off in one swing, axe.

Louise Bohmer: Hmmm….I say, to defeat Freddy or Jason or any other weapon wielding maniac, take him over your knee and spank him with a good ol’ cat o’ nine tails. That’ll teach the ruffian!

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And please stay tuned for more on this theme (I have a loooong article coming right up!)

Meanwhile, have you any thoughts on this theme?

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