Her Art of Seduction: Erotica by Gwen Masters

An excerpt from Her Art of Seduction by Gwen Masters:

A long shower, a bottle of expensive lotion, and a willing man who thinks she is the sexiest woman on the planet. What more could a woman ask for?

I was sitting in the chair when she walked into the bedroom and slipped off the high heels. She arched one delicate foot high into the air, kneading it with her fingers. Her fingernails matched her toenails, something very close to fire engine red. I smiled and murmured her name, never taking my eyes from her. She turned and gave me an easy smile.

“Hello there, handsome.”

She turned away. Her suit jacket fell off her shoulders, falling clear of the red curls that cascaded down from the barrette. It caught on her elbows, and she leisurely unbuttoned the cuffs. The jacket fell to a black pool on the floor. Then the silk shirt loosened over her back, one button at a time opening down the front. She knew I was watching.

Her skirt fell to the floor. She stepped high, leaving beside the suit jacket. The white shirt was creased and wrinkled where it had been pressed so tightly against her body. The intimacy of it made me smile.

The line of her bra crossed just under her hair. The shirt fell to the floor. The barrette fell from her hair with one small snapping sound. She knelt where she stood, giving me a clear shot of the curve of her buttocks within the black lace.

She looked at me over her shoulder. A curtain of red hair fell over her cheek. Her eyes twinkled. She slowly rolled down the stockings down, one at a time. Down to her knee. Down to the sweet curve of her leg. Down to her delicate ankle. Down to her toes. Then the other one, caressing her legs in the way that I wished I could. She stood and took another step, leaving the stockings on the floor. She was dressed in two bits of black lace.

I watched as her hands came around behind her back, unhooking the tiny loops. She didn’t remove the bra immediately…rather, her hands slid down to her hips. She traced the outline of her panties. Then she slipped two fingers under each side, pulling them down over her hip, wiggling just enough to make it seductive but not blatant.

My manhood was giving her its full attention.

The panties fell to the floor. Her voluptuous curves looked even better out of them. The bra fell forward, tracing her arms until it landed in front of her on the carpet. She looked back over her shoulder one more time, and I caught a glimpse of one hard nipple, red and delicious. Three more long steps and she was at the shower door, opening it, closing it quickly with only a tiny flash of the neatly trimmed triangle between her legs.

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