1920’s & 30’s Lingerie at eBay

Closing in just about an hour, this stunning silk 1930’s gown. (The start is too low in my opinion — that’s silk kids!)

The same seller also has this lovely vintage velvet suit.

Lots more 1920’s and 1930’s lingerie worthy of bidding:

This 1920’s boudoir teddy, with lots of details, is one I am keeping my eye on.

Check out the pretty peach silk velvet bed jacket. Now that’s fine evening attire, if you ask me.

Seller shastasvintage has some really fine pieces, including tap pants.

These pink satin garters with golden clips are the loveliest I’ve ever seen!

I may have to bid on these…

But readers should feel free to bid, win and then contact me for information on how to send them to me.


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