Lingerie News Briefs

I find this to be so quaint: an Indian actor gets a role in a film playing a man who works in a lingerie boutique. Given the recent changes in India regarding lingerie you have to wonder if such ‘news’ will be published in 5 years…

In other news, Kelly Brook’s lingerie debuts. (Kelly who? …I am so out of it when it comes to the supposed celebs of today.)

A lingerie/costume shop was burglarized. The thieves only took costumes, which proves how short-sighted and stupid they are. Not only a much shorter season to move the goods, but in the same season in which police are looking for them — and they were video taped. Idiots.

If you’re a woman and intend on visiting women Vanderburgh County Jail you’ll be required to wear a bra.

Christmas is coming. How do I know? Vickie’s has announced it’s heavy-hitter in the absurd holiday dream bra category again. This time it’s the Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra.

Boasting a total of 800 carats, there are more than 2000 round diamonds spanning both breasts (and the straps) as well as a 10-carat diamond brooch in the center. For a girl with double-D’s I have enough weight issues up front, and lord knows what it will do to the things it comes in contact with… but if you like it, spend the $6.5 million.

(If I had that much money, I’d feed starving people. But that’s just me.)

If starving people don’t bother you, but someone has beaten you to the diamond bra, why not consider the $1.89 million gold bra.

Made by Korea’s Golden Zone and shown recently at a fashion show in Seoul, the Phoenix has diamonds and loops of liquid gold. This baby looks about as comfortable as a death mask (and in fact seems rather reminiscent of Egyptian images).

I imagine all the Star Wars geeks will see the comparisons to Princess Leia’s golden bikini so I don’t need to say more ;)

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