What’s In Your Closet, You Scary Horror Author?

I ask two horror authors, If we were to visit your home, what we be most likely to find: a skeleton in your closet or lingerie?

I asked best selling, award winning, Horror Sinisteria author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, the owner of the widely read Twisted Dreams Magazine and the dark poetry magazine, Worlds Within — Worlds Beyond. Her newest novel Michael was just released October first and it already has fans up in arms and clamoring to get their hands on it! You’ll find Andrea on her website www.thelosttheforgottenthedamned.com.

Andrea said: Definitely a skeleton, literally depending on my mood, availability, etc.

I also asked speculative, horror, erotic, fantasy author Louise Bohmer, who states that from a young age a curiosity for all things odd grew in her — She’s put it all to good use ;) You can find out more at her website, www.louisebohmer.com, and in this interview with her at Author Island.

Louise said: Well, depending on the lingerie, and how much money I have on me, you’d probably find both in my closet. Hubby and I want to buy ourselves a real skeleton for the apartment one day. He wants to collect various skulls and bones. Yes, we’re weird. *laughs*

And if the lingerie we are talking about is dark purple satin corsets, black stockings with seams up the back, black, dark purple or burgundy garter belts and corsets too — and same colors for some lovely velvet or satin bustiers — then you’ll definitely find those in my closet. Oh, and dark crimson for the bustiers too! *grins*

Each will be back for more Q & A later, so stay tuned — if you dare!

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