Contrasting Lace

These vintage petti panties are stunning.

Lipstick red nylon with the blackest-black nylon lace trim, these are not old lady panties. ;)

Contrasting lace is something you don’t see very often in modern lingerie, and I miss it.

Contrasting trims of lace make you rush to the garment and squeal Oooooh!

It’s the special details which make you as particular about your underthings as you are about the outfits that other people see.

Look at this shocking pink half-slip by Vanity Fair, it has black lace at the hem and used as an applique bow. How can you not want that?!

But not all contrasting trims need to be shockingly bright.

Take this pretty half-slip. The softest shade of aqua blue (in the sheerest of nylon) accented with a wide trim of rich cocoa colored lace at the hem.

Certainly not shocking, it’s a more demure, ladylike color combination — but it has me squealing just the same.

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