Risque Cartoons by Arno

“See, darling, I told you we couldn’t have a Platonic friendship.”

One of many in a long line of funny risque cartoons by the legendary Peter Arno.

In the peice linked to above, Gracie writes:

His classic characters were the the pompous executive and the generously endowed woman. Arno’s women are either being chased by lecherous old wealthy men or wooed by hapless, decadent young men. His sexually charged cartoons with voluptuous chorus girls and kept women have led critics to call Arno’s drawings ‘sexist’, and even former New Yorker art editor Lee Lorenz described Arno as having “kept The New Yorker’s testosterone level well-above the national average.” To me, Arno’s work is urbane, witty and beautiful. But then, I love libertines.

Me too, so I’ve just ordered a book by Arno off eBay. When it arrives, I’ll be sure to see what lingerie images he has and share them with you. ;)

This color image is the final page in Parade.

For more on collecting Arno’s works, go here

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