"Buying lingerie is not a man’s job"

“I will never let my man go and pick bra and panty for me. This is not proper. It doesn’t look nice at all. I have no problem if he surprises me with other kind of gifts but buying lingerie is not a man’s job anyways.”

So says Rakhi Sawant.

Well, I agree that I don’t want my man purchasing my day wear basics. Don’t get me wrong, if he could, I would. But I barely can find the right bra and I always have my hooters with me! Finding the right bra is not an easy task.

But, I do think it is a man’s job to buy me lingerie. Well, not ‘a’ man’s job, but my man’s job. He should bring home little bits of satin, nylon and lace for me to wear. Things he likes. Things he supposes I like. Sawant may not think this is proper, but for an intimate relationship to work, you have to share such things. He should not only know your sizes, but tastes — and he should feel free to share his tastes too.

So, honey, bring home that wisp of nylon you call panties. I may not wear them all day. But I will wear them for you at night — at least long enough for you to take them off of me. ;)

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