Lingerie Scenes From Spider Baby

Spider Baby (aka The Maddest Story Ever Told) is the story of a family afflicted by a disease, “The Merrye Syndrome”. Named for the only family it affects, the Merryes. In true horror style, it is a disease which makes for wild, crazy, murderous folk.

Oh, and the spider eating kind.

The two Merrye sisters, dark-haired Virginia (played by Jill Banner) and light-haired Elizabeth (played by Beverly Washburn), are struck with the syndrome, caused by years of inbreeding.

This genetic disorder causes them at age 10 to regress, leading to cannibalism and other strange behaviors. We meet the girls when they are in their teens, so the madness has begun…

Virginia is officially ‘The Spider Baby’ as she not only emmulates spiders but eats them. (Important to remember later on.)

In it Virginia ties up cousin Peter and threatens to kill him. But she’s crazy and changes her mind.

She’d rather seduce him. Err, I bet Peter would have prefered the first option of death… He does spurn her sexually (I’d imagine her spider-breath has something to do with that) and manages to narrowly escapes her sting because she’s distracted by Elizabeth who is trying to figure out a way to keep their unwanted company quiet.

You can get a complete run-down on the movie at But I do have to point out one more lingerie bit.

There’s one scene in which the city cousin, greedy Emily Howe, (played by Carol Ohmart) dances in her bedroom in her black lingerie. I don’t know why this is in the movie, it serves no reason to move the plot, but hey, whatever.

This is a creepy, if a bit kitschy, classic.

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