Velvet d’Amour

Apparently many were shocked to see runway model Velvet d’Amour in Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring/summer 2007 ready-to-wear collection, presented Tuesday (October 3, 2006) in Paris.

Velvet is 39 years old, weighs 291 pounds, and is a size 28.

And I think she’s divine.

Apparently, she dreamed of modeling 20 years ago when she was just 120 pounds and 5 feet 8 inches tall, but “It never really happened because I couldn’t be thin enough at the time,” she told ET.

I for one am glad she didn’t starve herself and then make the runway.

I love, love, love that she wore such vampy lingerie!

I say there should not only be more models in various sizes, but designers willing to make fashions for them as well. After all, beauty isn’t just found in stick form. Nor in 16 – 20 year old women.

You can read an interview with Velvet here. (And I do recommend it!)

Tip from Gloria Brame.

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