Subsidies for Lingerie?

Leethal Fashion Accessories’ managing director, Gail Lee, has asked the Australian Government to subsidize lingerie to protect marriages.

Citing the 40% divorce rate, and claiming that women wearing sexy lingerie would keep men from straying, Lee believes the increasing cost of lingerie is putting stress on Aussie marriages.

“But good lingerie is very expensive. You used to be able to buy a pair of knickers for $1 but now $20 will get you very little. Individual items can cost $50 to $100,” says Lee. She thinks if women can afford more lingerie their sex lives will improve with no financial pinch and voila! marriage saved.

I hate this idea for several reasons, but primarily because it puts the brunt on saving marriages squarely on women. As if wives are responsible for husbands straying. Yeah, right. What year is it Ms Lee?

By Lee’s theory of economics, governments should subsidize — no, provide! — male chastity belts for men too weak to keep their own commitments. However, I think governments should have as little to do with our marriages and sex lives as possible.

And speaking politically, I don’t believe the government should mess with consumer goods in this fashion. We all know there are panties at varying price points — you don’t need to buy the $50 pair. Heck, you don’t need to buy the $20 pair. You can buy sexy lingerie inexpensively and not look cheap (unless that’s your goal for the night!).

What Lee wants is to get money for her ailing business because her luxury items aren’t moving as fast as she’d like. That’s a business problem, not a problem the public needs solved. (Talk abut airing your dirty laundry in public lol) Solve this problem within your business, Ms Lee.

What’s disgusting is that Lee tries to do this by blaming women, or at least holding them responsible, for failed marriages. Suggesting women pander to male sexual needs?! How dare she.

Shame on Lee for dragging out the old one-trick pony of sexism to make it pull her shabby little luxury cart.

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