Rocky Horror Picture Show: Janet’s Lingerie

It wouldn’t be right if we celebrated Halloween without a look at the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the lovely Janet, played by the scrumptious Susan Sarandon.

Both Janet and her lingerie under-go quite a transformation.

When Janet arrives, she is dressed prim & proper, in a white lace bra, panties and half-slip.

While the white is as virginal and conservative as Janet, neither the lingerie not Janet is without its charm.

Quickly even Dr. Frank N Furter’s creation, Rocky Horror himself, is smitten.

Janet not only finds him hot, but I believe she finds herself hot. What woman can resist her own sex appeal?

Not Janet. She gives in to Rocky (and herself).

In fact, by the end of the movie, Janet has slept with everyone but her fiance, Brad.

And it’s no wonder — look how hot she is!

Of course, to illustrate her transformation, Janet must leave the virginal white behind (even if it was working so well!) and don the black holy-hell-cat garb of a sexually empowered woman.

No longer a simple practical set of underthings, Janet now wears an elaborate costume for seduction.

A black corset with sequins, black satin panties, black stockings, red garters, sheer black gloves and in case you thought (mistakenly) that the red sequin accents were enough, a black feather boa is added.

Her makeup changes are equally subtle — and equally as seductive. (Note the beauty mark!)

Ladies, never underestimate the power of costuming one’s self for seduction.

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