Which Classic Horror Creatures Have Lingerie Fetishes?

I wanted to know, so I asked the folks who should know: erotica authors, horror authors, the kinky, and those who are any combination thereof.

Which standard/classic horror creatures/characters do you think are most likely to have lingerie fetishes?

Horror and dark erotica author Louise Bohmer says:

I think Frankenstein’s Creature would have a bondage fetish, definitely, after being tied up on that table for so long. He’d want that snug fit because it would be a familiar, comfy feeling, you know? hehe

Best selling, award winning, Horror Sinisteria author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc says:

Wolfman – Flavored undies
Frankenstein – The tattered look
Creature From The Black Lagoon – Seashell undies and bras

Erotica author, and friend of this blog, the wicked Jeremy Edwards says:

I can see The Mummy doing a sort of strip tease. In the course of it, we’d see that beneath the first layer of ordinary bandages lie more interesting bits of fabric–pieces of lingerie, in fact, linked together like a magician’s endless progression of scarves.

Resident Kinktress and erotica author Angela St. Lawrence says:

  • Frankenstein Monster: Panties. Wearing them, of course! (You gotta watch those big guys!)
  • Dracula: Bustiers, preferably on buxom ladies…plump up that neck line! Corsets would be appealing to him, too: Very tight, to squeeze all the blood flow upwards.
  • Godzilla: I’m thinking he would be a latex man. Just something him and his lizardly slimy skin.
  • Wolfman: Anything leather. The scent alone would cause him to change…even without a full moon.
  • King Kong: Filly lingerie, Lacey Teddies, Silky
  • The Invisible Man: Thongs only for this guy! Prefers his women less visible, less dressed.
  • Phantom of the Opera: Long Satin Opera gloves would drive him into a frenzy. Add a set of opera glasses and he’d cum in his cape.
  • The Mummy: Like Frankenstein, likes to wear his lingerie choices. But being a bit of a “mummy’s boy-type,” prefers his the “girlie” to the grown up: ankle socks with lace trim, knickers with lots of ribbons and bows.

Stick around — October is Lingerie Witchery! These fiends, as well as a few others, have more questions to answer!

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