Spousal Seduction; An Erotic Love Story Featuring Lingerie

Inspired by photos from GlamourGurlz, Gracie Passette (of Sex-Kitten.net) wrote the erotic story, Sophie’s Plan. What follows is a excerpt which definitely focuses on the lingerie!

She entered the bedroom completely naked, turned on the radio, and took a moment to look at herself in the full-length mirror. If Sophie had thought to look at herself through the lens of television or compared herself to the women in magazines, she might have been unhappy or dissatisfied; but that never entered Sophie’s mind. What Sophie saw — in fact, what Sophie went to the mirror for — was her beautiful curves.

She found her body attractive to look at and wonderful to feel. Perhaps it was because in Rick’s eyes she was forever beautiful that she believed herself so. Or perhaps it was because she found herself lovely that he wanted her. Maybe it was a combination thereof. She watched as the Sophie in the mirror swayed to the music, caressing herself. She caressed her large bare breasts, still slightly slippery from the lotion. Her hands traveled to her belly then back up past her chest to her shoulders, her neck, her face. She turned around, looked over her shoulder at her bare backside, and satisfied with what she saw she slapped herself heartily on the ass. Giggling, she turned around to face the mirror again and this time she focused on something other than herself.

Hanging from the top of the mirror was the hanger which held her most splendid slip. Heavy, silky black nylon, embellished with wide bands of lace, it was nearly too exquisite to cover up. She ran her fingers along the rich fabric in anticipation of putting it on. Oh how heavenly that nylon would feel sliding over her to rest on her curves. How pretty to see her flesh as it would flash through the lace. But like the dress, the slip would have to wait its turn.

She went to the dresser and shuffling through the bits of lace removed a bra. She wished she had one just like it in black, but this ivory one would have to do; it was the only one both cut low enough for the plunging neckline of the dress and yet heavy-duty enough to lift her double-D’s high and rounded above the neckline as well. She quickly put the bra on and returned eagerly to the mirror with its display of the black slip.

Donning the slip was not a disappointment. The nylon poured over her like cool water and quickly deposited itself on her curves, warming as it made contact with her body. She ran her hands over herself enjoying both what her hands felt and how her hands felt. For a brief moment she shut her eyes and imagined her hands were Rick’s hands. She gloried in knowing how his hands too would be pleased. She knew every line of his face, how his eyes drank her in, how after all these years she still thrilled to his touch, and he to hers.

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