Stupid Quiz

I know, everyone posts ‘stupid quizzes’ in their blogs, but this one really is stupid. I spotted this press release boasting of a fun quiz: What Kind of Woman Are You? – It’s All in Your Underwear.

I bit. I took the quiz and I’m a “Career Woman”. Huh? Well, in my defense, the only options are Career Woman, Young & Fun, Busy with Kids, Experienced, and Ms. Online Plus.

What’s totally apparent is that this quiz isn’t about ‘me’ or ‘you’ having fun — heck, those consumer target market names should have told us all that. (Who wants to be thought of let alone reminded of as “Busy with Kids”? Even “Young and Fun” sucks as a lingerie notion.)

Do you know what this quiz is? This quiz is about the consumer giving information on buying habits to Anderson Analytics, who presumably gives/sells the info to GiGi’s Closet.

It’s a shame, really. Because based on GiGi’s stock, we all could have had lots more fun. Not only with the quiz, but with shopping there. Now instead of me pointing out cute panties or whatnot, I’m here bitching about a truly stupid quiz.

Yet another group which needs to understand lingerie and how to sell it.

Somebody ping GiGi’s and tell them what I have to say; I just don’t have the heart. And shame on you Anderson Analytics for creating crap that sucks all the romance and fun out of lingerie shopping.

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