Yes, She Can: An Erotic Story by Jude Mason

Trying new things is a good thing, right? Well that’s what married couple Joanie and Sam are about to do. Nervous, excited, incredibly turned on, will they actually have the courage to go out in public dressed like ‘that’?

An excerpt from Yes, She Can, by Jude Mason; as published at (Used with permission.)

“I can’t go out looking like this!” Joanie posed for the mirror. She twisted and turned, trying to make herself look slimmer, more attractive.

“Joanie, you look amazing, and yes you can go out looking just like that.” Sam’s tone of voice left no room for argument. She still couldn’t stop her feelings of anxiety—or the tremors that threatened to shake her right out of the black leather teddy that was so seductively molded to her body. Standing in middle of their hotel room, with Sam sprawled naked on the bed lazily stroking what looked to her like the beginning of a magnificent erection, she felt lusciously appealing and sexy, to him. However, the thought of going in public dressed as she was, scared the life out of her.

“But, Sam, look at me, I’m fat,” she said and hated herself for blushing, “and fat women aren’t sexy in stuff like this, and —”

“Will you stop?” he interrupted, clambering to the edge of the bed. Reaching out, he pulled her close. “You’re gorgeous, my love. And the point of this affair is to be original.” He nuzzled between her lusciously large breasts, kissing first one, then the other soft mound before adding, “Besides, no one knows us here and we’ve always wanted to try this. What better chance to live out a fantasy?”

Joanie knew he was right. She also knew, by the way he pushed his erection insistently against her stocking-clad inner thigh, that he was excited as she was by the thoughts of what they were planning to do. She placed her hands on his shoulders and felt him shiver. Bending forward, she pressed her lips against his so softly that at first it could scarcely be called a kiss, but it deepened quickly. Sam slid his hands around her hips and caressed the warm abundance of her bottom. Breath drinking in breath, tongues entwined and tasted each other, while her hands roamed his flesh. His hands found leather and the soft bulges that he professed to love so much.

Before passion overwhelmed them both, he pulled his mouth away and, in a lust-filled voice said, “Joanie, I love you. If you really don’t want to go to the masquerade we’ll stay here, honest. I just don’t want us to regret not going.”

She gazed into his warm brown eyes, taking in the tiny wrinkles at the corners and the strands of silver among the brown at his temples, and her heart raced. “You’d better get dressed. I think a naked man would be pushing even this club’s limit.” She smiled at the thought of it, and in the depths of her imagination, saw it, wanted it and wondered if perhaps it couldn’t happen. Her smile broadened, yes, some day.

He beamed and tumbled off the bed.

She was still a little anxious about being seen in the outfit he’d chosen—the tight black leather teddy, with the chain closure between her breasts, the choker necklace that looked so much like a collar, and the sheer black stockings and high-heeled boots. She loved the boots. She’d always had great legs and these ones hugged them all the way up to her knee.

“Get dressed,” she commanded and he looked seriously at her.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said, and she watched him chew on his lip, trying to tame his excitement. Minutes later, he was dressed in tight leather shorts, the leather vest she’d picked for him, and sandals. The collar he wore was much wider than hers. His had a leash attached to the D-ring in front. She pulled his arms behind his back and slid cuffs around his wrists. Instead of closing the cuffs immediately, she made him wait, made him squirm. The click, when she finally did close them, was decisive.

“Nice,” she said, and let her hand stray across his firmly muscled bottom then down his thigh.

“You’re going to drive me crazy if you keep that up. We’ll never even make it down the elevator.”

Joanie gave his bottom a sharp slap. His gasp, and the way he trembled, told her she’d done it perfectly. From the table beside the bed, she retrieved his mask and slid it over his head. It just covered his eyes; there wasn’t any need for more. She donned her own, and after flinging the floor-length cape around her shoulders, she took a last look in the mirror by the door. Not bad she thought. Too plump, but the leather held her in just the right way. She could do this. Taking a deep breath, she gathered his leash. A gentle tug got him moving.

Their entrance was spectacular. They stood at the top of a spiral staircase. Joanie’s heart was in her throat. No matter what Sam said to make her feel gorgeous, there was still that insecurity. It lasted until she gazed down at several of the men watching, and saw the look in their faces, the hunger and lust…

To find out how it ends, Yes, She Can.

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