Glen or Glenda

Speaking of Ed Wood

I found this review of Glen or Glenda which explores the issue of crossdressing and is also some-what autobiographical:

Ed Wood made Glen or Glenda as a semi-autobiographical outlet for him to express things that he had dealt with in his own life, and as a tool to help others understand why some men feel such a strong desire to wear the dressings of the opposite sex. Many people associate cross dressing with homosexuality, and I think this film goes a long way to clearing up that misconception.

Not only is the review thorough, but funny:

Barbara: This is Glen’s fiance. I think she’s a real life woman, but she has the emotial range of a cardboard cutout, so it’s hard to say. It was through her love and understanding that Glen was finally cured of his desire to wear women’s clothes. Now Glen should repay her by getting her some acting lessons.

Johnny: This is Glen’s understanding friend who gives him some good advice about whether or not to tell Barbara about his cross dressing before, or after they get married. See, Johnny had that same problem with his own wife, except in his case, he didn’t tell her and she came home early one day and caught him in a godawful house dress. Let me tell you something. When they showed this guy in some horrible house dress, I got the boo boo jeebies really bad. He needs a visit from the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guys really bad.

The review also has screen stills and a clip along with the clever review. But what sold me was the ‘bottom line’:

This film is goofy, but at the same time it’s informative and emotional and it really helps you to identify with the inner struggles and the day to day emotional hardships that people like Glen have to go through. Obviously, a large part of this film’s success came from the fact that Ed Wood himself was a cross dresser and really had an in depth knowledge and understanding of the subject, and was able to bring that to the screen. I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone about this film yet that didn’t think it was wonderful, and I’m more than delighted to give it my highest rating of… B-Movie Central’s Rating: 5 Bees!

I’m going to have to get a copy of this.

And, you can too! Buy it at Amazon.

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