Gettin’ Crafty: Days of the Week Panties

As we vintage lingerie lovers know, the old days of the week panties are very difficult to find — and so when you find them, they are rather expensive.

But I’ve been thinking… Can’t you just embroider them yourself?

Click to Tattoo Your Towels, and Maybe Your Panties! Jenny Hart at Sublime Stitching even makes Dainty Days, a pattern with the days — surely these can’t just be for towels?

And she has so many cute designs to choose from, you’ll quickly be in love.

(Are the sushi designs in good or bad taste for panties? lol)

Good News: There is a discount when you buy 4 or more packs. Now that you’ve seen them, you know you want — no, need — them all.

Maybe you can’t iron the pattern onto nylon, but you can trace it on. Maybe the patterns are a bit large for your dainties, but reduce them on the old copier or scanner and then trace them on. Maybe nylon is slippery for sewing, but a hoop will help. And some of that stabilizing fabric (which you’ll then have to trim around &/or tack down with a few extra stitches in the same shade as the panties). But isn’t it worth it to make your very own sweet-yet-wicked day of the week panties?

Oh yes. It is.

I’m going to check the bargain bins at WalMart (eeiiewww) and see if I can double-dog-dare myself into not only putting my hand in the bin, but parade them to the counter and buy them. Then I’m going to put my needle to ’em and see about sewing on them…

Unless, of course, some experienced person wants to fill us all in about how to do this… (nudge-nudge)

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