Diva Wear

So, you think you’re a Princess with a capital ‘P’, don’t you. In fact, you’re one step away from thinking that Carly Simon song is about you — even though you never met her and the gender, age and locations don’t fit, you suspect you still create such a stir. And why not? You are fab-u-lous.

If this sounds like you, Ms. Thang, then you are probably wondering what lingerie is nearly as over-the-top glamorous as your fine-self. Look no further:

This stunning vintage number from Dorothea’s Closet was made by Odette Barsa, designed by Matej, circa 1960’s, & screams “I am here, dammit” without you having to say a word or even stamp your little foot.

A shimmery soft silver full-length gown and matching robe (both lined in sheer white nylon for your own pleasure), complete with Maribou feathers — and get this, silver tinsel!

It’s Diva Wear and no one need ask “Diva Where?” as this, like you, is a stand out.

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