Just Call Me Scoop of a Girl

Now tell me I just haven’t said everything in this ‘news’ article.

Sam Roddick, owner of Coco de Mer said “For something to be truly erotic, it doesn’t have to be explicit,” Roddick said. “True eroticism is having your sexual imagination inspired as opposed to confronted.”

Has Slip of a Girl said this? Check.

Has Slip of a Girl shown you this? Check.

Roddick also said, “As all has been laid bare with the over-sexualization of lingerie, I believe marketing will be a lot more clever in the future by being more suggestive.”

Have I? Check

“That is just attracting men’s attention and I think it is terribly wrong and weak,” said Herve Bailly, Wonderbra’s marketing director (Wonderbra, by the way, should read my thoughts on modern lingerie names). He continued, “It demeans women. I don’t think this approach works any more…”

Another check for moi.

In fact, not only have I said the things in this article, but I bring you the image of model Eva Herzigova in the iconic 1994 “Hello Boys” Wonderbra ad (plus a bonus Eva ad) — the very ad campaign used to kick of the whole article!

(Bonus points for my bilingual presentation.)

I’ve scooped the pro & the big-time newspaper too.

No wonder you read here ;)

One of the few original things stated in the article is a statement by Robb Young, the International Herald Tribune ‘reporter’ who brings you this ‘news’. In this discussion of lingerie companies going for ‘suggestive’ rather than obvious sex, he wrote “Not an easy task for a business that thrives on a steamy and risque selling point.”

There’s a reason why this is not something I’ve said — I wouldn’t say such a thing because I don’t believe it.

Yes, lingerie is sexy. Yes, it not only comes in contact with sex parts but is all tied up in sexual thought and action. However, as I’m sure this blog has shown you, lingerie can be ‘sold’ on ‘softer’ merits: quality, romance, luxury, erotic fantasy, imagination…

If any lingerie ad execs want to contact me, feel free.

Ditto for any lingerie designers/manufacturers.

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