Glimpses of Stockings

Images in which the focus is stockings…

The first (left), an artisticly updated vintage image of a woman from behind.

She is bare, save for her stockings… I love the lines of her neck, the sway of her back, the round of her hips and the thrust of her bottom.

Placement of our lovely lady off-center gives the illusion that we are peeping or lucky to have stumbled upon such a glimpse.

(We should be so lucky!)

The later, on the right, is an antique image saved on this hard-drive for who knows how long, for I collected such images long before this blog existed as a way to legitimize my obsession.

In this photo, you see the photographer’s intent to focus on the legs. The proportions, from skinny booted ankle to lush thigh, are somewhat exaggerated by the line of hem and her placement upon a pedestal. The eye is drawn to the exposure of bare flesh at the stocking tops by the combination of the straight hem line and the “askew” tops of the stockings.

In the first, the seduction is planned; it is artistry. In the second, one is moved by the intimacy — the near vulnerability — of our proximity and those contradictory lines.

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