Getting So Crafty You Could Dye!

During my interview with the very charming Gwen Masters, she mentioned a little something she does at home… something that leaves marks… something that makes folks want to enter her boudoir…

No, she didn’t confess the intimate and life-changing details of her sex life (yet! lol) — but she did dish on her life-changing ways with intimates!

Here’s Gwen with a project you’ll just be dye-ing to do:

I love bra and panty sets, the lacy matching ones in all sorts of colors. The problem was, I never could find just that right color. My skin is very pale and my hair is very deep red, so not every color looks good on me.

I found the solution in creating my own sets! I now buy my bra and panty sets in plain white, and then color them with vegetable dyes. It’s very simple to do — just some hot water, a place big enough to soak them in, and follow the directions on the box or bottle of dye, and you’re in business. The lace sometimes colors out darker or lighter than the rest of the bra or panty, but I find that it makes a nice contrast.

Sometimes I color the sets along with a white men’s dress shirt to wear as a cover-up, and once I dyed a pretty white gown and robe into a matching set.

Another neat trick: I will dye the bra and panty sets at the same time I dye a set of sheets. Then my lingerie matches my bed linens. It might seem silly until you try it — the look of everything being all one color, and you in the middle of it, is a very striking visual. After all, it’s the simple touches that turn your bedroom into a love nest!

For more on Gwen the erotica author, visit her website, For more on Gwen the lingerie lover — stick around — she’ll be back!

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