Selling Lingerie Fantasies

I can’t decide which is lovelier, the art by Henrey Luters or the lingerie itself.

Just look at the lace on that gown — not to mention the slip and those panties!

What captures me so about this Van Raalte ad is what Luters has done here.

While the lingerie is exquisite, the woman in the foreground is tired — and we assume will go to bed shortly. Forget today’s hair color ads, this is one woman who knows she’s “worth it” to sleep in such a grand gown.

The woman in the background is also rather practical with such dainties for she holds those tap panties up and scrutinizes them.

Luters makes a compelling argument for glamour, yes; but also makes statements on use and quality. His ad says “Why wear anything less than well-made, stunning, lingerie?”

Why indeed.

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