Getting Crafty: A Repurposed Movement

From the Mail Tribune:

“Often erroneously referred to as recycled clothing, repurposed clothing involves dismantling old clothes and giving them a new form, sometimes along with new materials. Sometimes the clothes are slightly altered to give them a more modern look. Otherwise the vintage items are used as yardage for new clothes or as embellishment on a garment made of primarily new materials.”

I can imagine that vintage fashion lovers everywhere are fainting — but hold on!

Consider the number of garments that are too far gone with stains, rips, holes etc. Couldn’t they still be put to good fashionable use? …We allow quilters to ‘save’ and record the existence of these items, so why not re-purpose them fashionably?

These crafty women, Kat Sanchez, Konnie May, Traci Svendsgaard, and Jeny Lee, took their love and turned it into a business and started Atomica boutique in Ashland,OR.

Finding their website was difficult enough, and finding more on the women themselves even more difficult. Thankfully, I know how to stalk ;)

Konnie May is the most easily found. Noted for her artistic car, Flutterbug, she may have something to do with the Art Car Fest Fashion Show. However, aside from the not-often-updated Atomic website, May’s textile & fabric art has also been shown at the Nuwandart Gallery.

I was most interested in Svendsgaard’s garments because according to the above article she “makes minor changes to existing pieces using dye or paint or attaching slips and pieces of lingerie to give the clothes a more modern look.”

No luck finding Svendsgaard let alone her fashions. Poo.

I did email them a link to this post, so perhaps they will check in with us? Super cool if they send photos… Double Bonus Points if they let me join their sewing circle. ;)

PS Apparently, Southeastern Oregon is filled with recycled handcrafted fashions like this.

PPS You can find Konnie May’s fairies and mermaids here.

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