"Because You Love Nice Things"

That was Van Raalte’s tag-line for many years, “Because You Love Nice Things”.

Because they knew that nice things, underthings, needed nice names, they gave their products lovely names.

Even the material used, nylon, had pretty names: Petalskin, Luscious, Sheerio…

Thought went into naming the fabric which would drape and caress the skin — like scent in a perfume, nylon wasn’t just an ingredient, it was The ingredient, and naming it was as key to success as the naming of a fine fragrance was.

Van Raalte didn’t just ‘name’ something; they seduced and romanced the customer.

So much more seductive and alluring than today’s “made of nylon” or “Lycra” in a website description or garment tag.

Shown are a selection of vintage Ran Vaalte ads, as found for sale in eBay stores.

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