An Erotic Poem Featuring Lingerie by bard

Dear bard has sent us a poem, which I’ve been led to believe is rather inspired by this blog, and alluded to in his interview

she is draped like venus demilo

waiting to be shown in a gallery,

but armed, and dangerous in her

red mesh fabric, cream-tinted art

beneath, filling out in soft worlds

of pleasure poking through in sepia

tips, teasing me, my mouth waters

for the taste of her in pink kisses

of pastel frosting under my tongue.

i savor her with my eyes,

leaving her in her slight undress,

bare-shouldered and armed,

revealed thighs when she moves

flesh bridges between cloth

and stocking, broken with rivers

of garter connecting, she is christmas,

partially gift-wrapped like a second

see through skin of carmine folds,

hugging her feminine curves, caressing

my libidinous indulgences, flesh

and cloth becoming one over her

middrift wrapping her hips in the red

of passion waiting to lava flow from

her from that revered center of my

longing, hued also in lava tones,

simmering this blood, my own

rising to meet her, to my hands

follow where my eyes roam all over

her in this theater, erotic,

drawing those curtains from

her with my tongue, my lips

when the play is ready to begin

and i am finally allowed to act . .

© bard
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