Ye Old Sewing Circle

This free ecard from Vintage Grace reads “There was something about knitting with Mary that Bernice enjoyed.”

Not only is this card a stitch, but it reminded me of the good old days, days that pre-date this retro image, when women gathered and had sewing circles, quilting groups, etc.

Women would gather, themselves and their stitches, and talk. They’d share more than gossip, but stories, confidences, and ‘how to’ tips. I need girly stories. I need ‘how to’ tips. And maybe just a wee bit of gossip.

I’ve longed for such a group. I even went so far as to follow local legends and check out churches in the area who were rumored to have such meetings… though I must admit, those groups aren’t likely to want to make the same things as I… or dish like I dish… and plenty of my topics even would be considered taboo…

But still, I yearn to tell a dirty yarn while I fix the seam on my vintage slip. Well, actually, I do. It’s just that the only one to hear are the pets who seldom dish back with their stories. And none of them can teach me anything about how to crochet trim for my nightie…

I love the company of women. I’d love to belong to a sewing circle. Dressing in lingerie would, of course, be optional.

Tip on the ecards from Diary of a Mad Fashionista.

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