Rant About Designers

“Fashion is about more than flogging boring clothes to rich women – so designers who just want to sell should stick to department stores.”

So says Hadley Freeman in A robe fit for a Park Avenue princess.

And I agree.

She continues: “It is extremely wearying after a while to see designers making clothes for teenagers and/or ripping off cheap vintage pieces and then slapping four figured price tags on them.”

Amen. (This is becoming a religious experience.)

While I disagree with a few of Hadley’s points, such as who designers should be designing for (she believes true fashion ought be saved for the rich — see the retro panty ad, Ms Freeman), I do believe many designers are peddling rip offs of the designs of others. Vintage included.

And while I adore vintage fashions, and herald the return of same, I dislike someone who copies calling themselves a Designer (with a capital ‘D’ no less!). Where’s the creativity? Where’s the risk? Or the solution to a problem?

Taking a vintage pattern and making a garment from it, even in ‘new fabrics’ isn’t a Designer, it’s a copy-cat, a cheat… a miserable, lazy, lime-light-loving so-and-so.

There are many of us in the world who are creative, who do take risks, who are willing to put our stamp on something that exists — or has existed and recreates similar items. We call ourselves many things: stylish, creative, crafters (or crafty folks), clever, artistic; but we do not call ourselves Designers. We see the distinct difference between being artistically adapting, putting our own flourish on something, and being the originator, sole creator, or Designer.

While it’s true that even with the internet it’s awfully difficult to know ‘everything’ that has been done everywhere, those who call themselves Designers have been to fancy-schmancy schools where they reportedly take (brag about) years of fashion history. They certainly know not only what they are ‘borrowing’, but from whom as well. Shame, shame, shame.

In honor of those who not only know a thing or two about style and creativity, but are honest enough to resist the titular allure of calling themselves Designers, I now present Getting Crafty.

Getting Crafty at a Slip of a Girl is about creating, recreating, or otherwise perfecting & individualizing our own lingerie (and boudoir or girly environments). As with previous theme weeks, there will be daily postings on this theme in addition to the usual business here. So, let the creativity begin!

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