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Remember the erotic story I posted awhile ago, She Never Knew? Well, author Angela St. Lawrence is here for an interview wherein she dishes on lingerie, writing erotica, and sex fantasies. Ooh la la!

First, let’s talk about you… your work and writing…

Well, once upon a time, when I was knee-high to a grasshopper (eight years old) and twice as spunky, I disappointed my parents by tossing out the Sunday funnies I’d been reading the last year or so, telling them that “these are stupid and I’m not going to read them anymore.”

At first they were crushed, as this would leave only one other thing about my precocious little self upon which they could brag. That being the canny way in which — at four years old — I’d begun immediately swimming when my father threw me butt-first into a local lake. But their panic was short-lived, as I proceeded to pick up the social and local sections of the paper, announcing that from now on I wanted to read these “big people” parts. I’ve been trouble ever since — both in and out of the water.

So reading and writing have always been big parts of my life. When I went off to college, everyone — friends, family, high school teachers — encouraged me to be career-specific in choosing my major (English teacher, journalist). But I loved words too much; I didn’t want boxed-in, labeled. I even had an artist-boyfriend — and I’ve never figured this one out — suggest I pursue a degree in dental hygiene. Anyway, I wanted the purity (and that is how I saw it) of a liberal arts education. So I went for it.

And now you’re a phone sex operator. As a phone sex girl, you have to dish… How much fun is it?

It really is more fun — and more challenging — than most people might imagine. I market to a more sophisticated demographic. I just don’t get into “moan and groan” phone sex… detest it, in fact. The poet/writer in me needs something more substantial to wrap my head around if I am going to actually feel good about what I am doing. So I like the crazy, wild fantasies like cuckolding or domination or feminization. And I like them elaborate with a lot of attention to detail. So I work hard at it, but I am always at my best — yes, even with phone sex — when I am caught up in what is in front of me.

And I’ve met some stellar human beings doing what I do, and I think that may just be the most fun part to me. I really make an effort to get to know the heart and mind behind the kink. Which makes every call and adventure and a learning experience.

This story, She Never Knew, is about a sissy boy — I got that from the story comments at your site. Since I’m a rather ‘vanilla’ girl, can you explain more about what this is?

The first time a guy told me (when I was new to phone sex) he was wearing panties, I about fell out of my chair. That doesn’t happen anymore. In fact, sissies (or panty-boys or cross-dressers or transvestites) are amongst my favorite callers. I have seen a very hard penis under a stretch of pink satin and lace and found it erotic, probably because of the “naughtiness” of it.

I don’t want to analyze or second-guess the sexual proclivities of my callers. They deserve their turn-ons and fetishes… and the privacy to explore them safely with me. But, generally speaking, I would say that most “panty-sluts” begin their journeys in puberty. Somehow, someway — right when all those boy-sex hormones were doing the major dance of their lives — they had a sexual experience which involved panties and/or other lingerie.

It’s just an experience that slowly evolved into a fetish for panties: into a desire to wear them. For those who find this odd or unbelievable, I would suggest checking out the terms cross-dressing and panty boy in a search engine.

I suppose writing isn’t that different from the phone work in that you have to create fantasies, but while the phone requires you to think fast, you still have the ability to interact… How is writing different for you?

Very intuitive of you, Slip of a Girl. I don’t think a lot of people really could appreciate all the nuances of it unless they’ve had the rare privilege of doing both. You’ve come pretty close. Whether writing or doing a call I am firing off those creative synapses in my brain. I am making something up that is meant to entice, titillate, turn-on the reader/listener. Both are fun when your mind works like mine does. And both are challenging, just in different ways.

When I am doing a phone fantasy, I am creating somewhat of a chimera for a caller who already has a preconceived idea of exactly what he is looking for. This is more daunting than one might think, as I have to — as you said — think fast. He is paying by the minute, after all. And you can bet that he’s heard more than a few other PSOs’ attempt the same trick. I need to offer an experience which meets his basic desires (fetishes, hot buttons, certain words/phrases) while also offering a fresh and unique experience for him.

Writing (when it is not a commissioned piece) is much more self-indulgent in contrast. While I mine from the same place (my dirty little brain which happens to have a bunch of adjectives and adverbs amongst the lewd detritus), the pace is what I set, the fantasies are of my choosing. And I can even take time to consult my thesaurus!

Working with sex all the time, and dealing with the fantasies of others, do you ever get bored with sex? How do you get in the mood personally?

I can get bored with sex and have done so on many occasions. That’s when I’m in my “Doesn’t anybody just every want to hold hands?” mood. But I think this is due more to the workaholic that won’t say no, more than the work itself. So I do try to remember to take time for my life outside of work and maintain a balance.

When I am in a sexual relationship with another person, I tend to prefer fairly vanilla sex with kink around the edges: Connect with me first. Then we can explore the kink. When it comes to my private and singular (read that “masturbation”) fantasies, my callers have definitely influenced me. I think of things that never would have occurred to me a few years ago.

Getting in the mood, for me, is a matter of keeping all the other life-stuff in some semblance of relative sanity. So when the sex happens, I am there!

Personally, what are your thoughts on lingerie? Do you have a favorite color, style etc? Are you always in black leather, or do you venture into pink silk and even cotton PJs now and then?

I love all things girly — French nails, high heels, bubble baths, candles — which, of course, includes any and all types of lingerie. I actually have two favorite colors, pink and black. And I love mixing them together. But white is fun when mixed with oodles of lace and satin. And red is awesome when I’m want to express an assertive sexuality.

While I do own lots of fetish wear, leather being among the midst, I keep that stuff for very private moments. My favorite corset right now is actually red and black lace — very hot. And you ought to see the high heels I like to wear with it: yum yum. All lingerie can be sexy… it is a matter of how you present yourself, how you feel about yourself that makes it all happen. Even a plain pair of pantyhose can be super hot if you purposely don’t wear panties and drape a belly chain around your waist. And, yes, I love PJs. What could be better on a cold morning? More scrumptiously cozy? Even granny gowns can enhance a cup of hot chocolate if you purchase them one size larger than you normally would, and then snip the elastic that runs around the wrist cuff.

Do men want to hear about lingerie? If so, what specifically? (We ladies want to know!)

Let me tell you, MEN LOVE LINGERIE. I utilize lingerie descriptions in almost every phone fantasy I weave. Because sooner or later — at least in most sexual situations — the clothes have got to start coming off. And what a way to heighten the sexuality of a fantasy: Describing a woman stepping out of a skirt to expose charcoal-hued stockings. Or watching a girl brush her hair, a pale pink bra strap slipping down over the top of her arm. Or seeing the snug bodice of a Dominatrice’s lacy corset stretch and tighten as she raises the whip.

See what I mean? Anyway, as I’m sure you know, men have a tendency toward fetishism which expresses itself most often with lingerie, stockings, leather, latex and other womanly fabrics and attire. I would say I run across panty fetishes more than any other, with stockings a close second. I personally adore panty fetishes. They are so much fun to build a fantasy around.

Angela promises us she’ll return here to talk more about what she’s up to — and maybe provide a little advice on our lingerie and fantasy life — so keep checking back!

Meanwhile, please check out Angela at her webiste, Literate Smut; her story blog, Blistered Lips; her boudoir at Sex-Kitten; and her personal/professional blog, Zen Fetish.

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